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Kevin Chown Official Website - How it works

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How it works

Working with me is easy. Let me break down each step to give you an understanding of the process. It’s all very easy, and I'm happy to guide you along the way if it’s something that you have never done before. There are 8 steps to follow.

Step 1: Email me. Introduce yourself. Attach an .mp3 of your song. Send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I don't need the entire “session”: just a stereo mix. MP3 is fine. Please include a "count off" at the top of the song (one or two complete measures with click) and let me know what the tempo of the song is. I do not need click thru the entire song, just at the start.

Step 2: I will get back to you after I have had a chance to listen to your track. (via email, phone, skype, smoke signals, postcards, whatever.......). I'll give you a session date just like you are booking a recording session. We can discuss what you are looking for, musically and sonically. I am usually able to turn a track around in just a few days. Even when I am on tour, I always have a portable recording rig with me. Tell me somewhat of what you are looking for. The more information you can give me, the closer I can get to giving you what you want. If you just want me to do my thing, I'm happy to be completely open and creative and pour what I think works the best into your track. Or a combination of both......

Step 3: Once the session is booked and we have talked about what you are looking for, half of our agreed upon price is due via Paypal. My prices are insanely reasonable. I try and work within your budget if I can. I charge per song (i.e,  a normal 4-5 minute song of normal musical technicality). If you have a 10 minute long prog rock song with reams of 16th note unison licks, there may be a surcharge!! If you provide me with a musical chart (sent as a .pdf file), that would be awesome. If you have more than a few songs, I'm happy to give you a package price. We can talk after I hear the songs. We can also discuss additional options such as re-amping. 

Step 4: On the scheduled day, I will work on your track in my studio (or hotel room or tour bus!). There is always a chance that my schedule can change, but I do everything I can to stick to it. The tracking time (per song) can vary. I work very fast. I usually have a very good instinct as to the right tone but I'm always open to suggestions. I have a million basses to choose from. (see GEAR LIST link below)

Step 5: After I knock the track out, I bounce down a rough mix of your song(s) WITH my bass track and send you an mp3 for your approval so you can hear for yourself in your own studio what it sounds like. I give everybody one revision on the song at no additional cost. A good example of what a “revision” is: "on the bridge could you play solid 1/8th notes" or "leave more space in the intro". All subsequent revisions (after the first) $25 (meaning, everything after I send you the final track which requires me to get the sound back up, etc........). Please remember: revisions and recutting the song are not the same. I'm usually flexible with this. If I can be. 

Step 6: When you approve the final track, the remaining 50% is due. Once I receive final payment, I will send you the final master bass track(s) to your email address (via wetransfer, yousendit, etc.....) I will send you a 24bit, 44.1 mono .wav file unless you request a different file format. It's no problem, but please specify before I start the recording process. If I have an alternate take that also works, I always include it in case you want a few options. No worries.

Step 7: As an added option (for a little extra dough), I will send you a "reamped" bass track to use along side the direct bass track in your mix. (click WHAT IS REAMPING below for a full explanation). I have several amazing amps to choose from, vintage to modern. Many people find that its very beneficial to add a mic'd bass track into the mix, but I always leave that option up to my clients. I have a great selection of amps. I can give you a wicked amp tone!! For rock, it really kicks ass. 

Step 8: Once you receive the tracks, all you need to do is import track(s) into your protocols, logic, performer, cubase or garage band session and mix away! The track I send you will start at exactly the same time as the track you send me. Pull it in, line it up and away you go. 

How it works • Gear List • What is re-amping? • Pricing


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